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Ultimate Air KIL Series
Ultimate Air KIL Series

New power in air cleaning high performances and Plasmacluster 25 000

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proper air quality

With the new Sharp UA-KIL60E-W and UA-KIL80E-W air purifiers

you can ensure proper air quality, optimal humidity and remove almost all pollutants. They are the perfect choice not only for persons suffering from allergies and upper respiratory tract diseases.

Design, innovation and technology

Sharp KIL series air purifiers won the iF award given out by the World Design Guide 2021!


Their unique form allows for intuitive visualization of the stream of purified air, with their shape showing simplicity and functionality. While most products on the market are designed to be as unnoticeable as possible, the beautiful design of the KIL series purifiers highlights the best features of the living room, bedroom or kitchen.
See and feel the strength of clean air in Your home!

Cleaner and more humid air

with the latest generation of Sharp air purifiers

The most powerful Ion generator
cleaner air

Would you like to have as clean air at home as the air you breathe in a forest or while hiking in the mountains?

The most powerful Plasmacluster Ion 25000 ion generator used in both models generates and releases 25000 ions per cm3, which is 3.5 times more than a standard generator. The unit produces a concentrated stream not only into the air, but also towards selected objects and surfaces. Hence, it reduces harmful substances in the air, on furniture, curtains or walls.

The Plasmacluster Ion 25000 technology patented by Sharp emits positive and negative ions. Importantly, they are identical to those occurring in the natural environment.

Other generators available on the market generate only negative ions to charge pollutants. Plasmacluster however, just like in the natural world, generates also positive ions to additionally neutralize harmful particles. This unique technology also reduces the number of airborne viruses.

1 According to a study conducted by the National Research Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases (CCPID)/Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University find out more at

Smog-free home

Air pollution is a serious global challenge. Particularly affected are city residents who inhale harmful carbon, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, PM2.5 and PM10 particles, among others, on a daily basis.  Do you want to eliminate these pathogenic substances from the air inside your home?

Multistage cleansing system consisting of: dust, carbon, HEPA and humidifier filters and the Plasmacluster Generator

The HEPA filter used in the UA-KIL60E-W and UA-KIL80E-W air purifiers effectively removes 99.97% of pollutants. It is thanks to it that the air becomes free from PM2.5 and PM10 particles. Silica gel in the carbon filter removes sulfur and nitrogen oxides. And with the Plasmacluster 25000 Generator, at the final stage of purification, even the smallest unwanted particles will be actively removed from the air.

No unpleasant odours

In the era of pandemics, our homes have become not only a place for rest, but also for work and physical activity. Are you tired of unpleasant cooking smells or the intense smell of sweat after a work-out?

The latest air purifiers from Sharp feature a carbon filter with silica gel to capture harmful gases and odours associated with everyday household activities. Odors are further neutralized by the most efficient ion generator: Plasmacluster Ion 25000.

Movable panel allows for easy and consistent ion flow onto desired items, ridding them of, for example, odours
movable panel
Pet hair and pet odour not a problem any longer

Having a four-legged friend implies not only a joy, but also a lot of responsibilities and inconveniences. Are you tired of unsuccessfully fighting with pet hair and odor?

The UA-KIL60E-W and UA-KIL80E-W models feature a dust filter to capture pet and human hair. In addition, the UA-KIL80E-W model is equipped with an automatic cleaning system, i.e. special brushes and a mesh collecting dirt into a container. The process starts once every two days or once a month, depending on your settings and takes 8 minutes. You just need to clean the container at least once every six months. Unpleasant odors will be eliminated by the Plasmacluster Ion 25000 ion generator which effectively refreshes not only the air in the room, but also your dog's or cat's favorite couch.

Dry air?
Now it’s humidified!

Whereas in the autumn and winter time, we try to keep our homes warm, in the summer we prefer to keep it comfortably cool. Did you know that central heating and air conditioning dry out the air, potentially causing irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract?

Guarantees a 10% more efficent air humidifying. Easy to use water container has a comfortable handle for moving and placing alongside a wide intake
air humidified

The latest Sharp air purifiers provide 10% more efficient air humidification (up to 700 ml/h) without chemicals, white residue on furniture, or wet spots. This is achieved using the hygienic and safe evaporation method. A built-in display shows the humidity level in the room and with a humidification mode indicator, you can easily keep the unit running efficiently. A changing color of the indicator will show, for example, when the humidification mode has been activated and when water needs to be added to the easy-to-use tank, which has a convenient carrying handle and wide filler for easy filling and cleaning. The device will automatically remind you when the filter requires maintenance. A practical filter contamination indicator is activated when the purifier has been in operation for more than 720 hours.

large areas
Purification of large areas

Smog in the heating season, pollen in the spring, dust, allergens and microbes decrease the air quality inside our homes. Do you apply an air purifier, but your device is not suitable for larger areas?

Depending on the model, Sharp devices are able to filter the air in a dedicated room at least 3 times per hour - in the case of the Sharp UA-KIL60E-W model, the room size is up to 50 sq.m., while the UA-KIL80E-W works on surfaces of up to 62 sq.m.

Now you know more about the air you inhale!

Would you like to know the quality of air inside your home?

The UA-KIL60E-W and UA-KIL80E-W air purifiers from Sharp have as many as 5 sensors:

  • PM2.5 and dust sensors with adjustable sensitivity - low, medium, high - to adjust the speed of the fan,
  • odour and gaseous pollutant sensors,
  • temperature and humidity sensors, which adjust the level of humidity to the temperature, thus ensuring optimum conditions inside the room,
  • a light sensor so that you may rest peacefully - as soon as the light in the room decreases it enters into the Sleep modeand dims the LEDs on the control panel.

For your convenience, both models feature an automatic air purification and humidification mode. You can also take advantage of the data from the built-in sensors when you decide to use the manual mode. Two indicators will inform you about the air quality in the room: a three-digit one for PM2.5 particles and another one informing about air quality.

This is a special LED located at the bottom of the device, which displays information using the following colors:

  • flashing white – informing about encountered pollution,
  • yellow – indicating that the air is moderately polluted,
  • red – indicating that the condition of the air is a reason for concern.
Equipped with 5 sensors of: PM2.5 particles, odour, temperature, humidity and light, which work in both automatic and manual modes
British Allergy Foundation
Allergy to dust, mites, moulds and fungi

Did you know that up to half of allergy sufferers may be allergic to dust, mites, mould or fungi? Sneezing, coughing, watery eyes - these allergy symptoms are often mistaken for a recurring cold. Sounds familiar?

Sharp's new UA-KIL60E-W and UA-KIL80E-W take care of air quality and eliminate nearly all contaminants

To address this issue, you may use the Sharp UA-KIL60E-W or UA-KIL80E-W air purifiers as they are equipped with the Plasmacluster Ion 25000 ion generator and the HEPA filter that captures almost all dangerous particles with a diameter of just 0.3 microns. If combined with a dedicated Pollen mode, the devices will effectively remove allergens from the room. Once the Pollen mode is activated, the dust sensor enters its highest sensitivity mode to detect allergenic pollen and dust as quickly as possible and maximize the rate of removal.

Dust swirling in the air? Not inside your home!

Household dust can be composed of fungal and bacterial spores, mold, dust mites, exfoliated skin, hair, fibers, dander, insect eggs and droppings. Its composition may vary in every home, but it can still be found everywhere. No idea how to get rid of it for good?

1 h
Antistatic workings of ions plus a HEPA filter

The Plasmacluster Ion Shower mode is a great way to remove dust not only from the air, but also from your floors in just one hour! When you activate this mode, for the first 10 minutes the generator will run with increased power and release ions with anti-static properties, causing dust to stick to surfaces. HEPA filter over the next 50 minutes. Then, the highest mode of the purifier is activated and dust is trapped by the HEPA filter over the next 50 minutes.

Refreshed closets, upholstery and fabrics

Not sure how to deal with unpleasant
clothes odor in the closet?

Both models feature the Plasmacluster Spot mode that will help remove odors and other contaminants from selected surfaces in just minutes. Simply direct the air onto the contents of your closet, curtains or cushions and a powerful stream of ions will effectively freshen them up.

Easy way of directing airflow onto desired items
directing airflow
Sharp purifier
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